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Authenticity Plus will tackle the menace of counterfeiting with the help of our revolutionary holographic stickers infused with unique and new QR technologies to distinguish between the real and the counterfeit. Our anti-counterfeiting and authentication technologies from Authenticity Plus are designed to safeguard your company's investments in product innovation, brand value, and reputation while also providing new ways to promote consumer trust and engagement.

Multi-layered authentication against counterfeit products, AuthenticityPlus incorporates arbitrary and unique randomized serial numbers with multiple overt and covert attributes, from holographic labels to a sophisticated digital authentication platform.

Authenticity Plus also aims to solve the industry’s massive problem of counterfeit products which reduces the sale and propagation of authentic products, as well as provide new ways to engage with customers through loyalty programmes, rewards, and future experiences that securely connect the digital and physical worlds.

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When we amalgamate our expertise ( Balaji Enterprise )of being in the industry since 2006 and merge it with our newest tech to tackle anti-counterfeit products and services, what we end up getting is Authenticity Plus, which aims to remove counterfeit products in its entirety.  We humbly take pride in the road that we have traveled in making this a counterfeit-free world and the feats we have successfully achieved for our esteemed clients since day one.

Our ardently efficient and zealous team of developers will make sure you experience the hassle-free and smooth transition of your valuable counterfeit-free business by using a wide array of Anti-Countetfeit Solutions.

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