Digital Product Authentication

Digital Product Authentication (Anti – Counterfeit)

With the latest Anti-Counterfeit technology, Brands can easily trace, authenticate, and engage with their customers. We also provide brands with anti-counterfeiting tools and capture insightful data which can be extremely useful for them to take important business decisions.

Our experience and expertise of being in business since 2006 have always involved the battle against counterfeit products and counterfeiting in general. Thus, with Authenticity+ we are taking the battle to the next level to remedy the use and propagation of counterfeit goods as we have dedicated our whole lives to make sure such things don’t exist anymore. With our tech, we will ensure we maintain our customers’ and retailers’ loyalty and provide more fuel to the fire of eliminating counterfeit goods.


  • Radical tech to tackle counterfeiting
  • Full proof measures for verification
  • 100% guarantee of authenticity
Retailer or Dealer Reward Management

Retailer / Dealer Reward Management

A retailer / Dealer Loyalty solution is based on QR codes provided by Authenticity Plus. The channel partners are rewarded for unswitched loyalty through Retailer Loyalty Solution . As a result, revenues are generated, brand awareness is increased, and the customer base is augmented.

In any small or even global scaled business, it is of utmost importance and priority to gain and consequently maintain the loyalty of the retailer associated with the business, however big or small. The retailer spends a lifetime to hoard the trust and satisfaction of selling true and authentic products to businesses or consumers alike. But these days, because of the zillions of counterfeit products and services, it is getting harder and harder for retailers to provide authentic products or services to their clients. Our job at Authenticity + is to put an end to it for good and not just for a small-time or any particular business or product.


  • Access to information on the ins and outs of the company
  • A strong foundation for retailer-dealer relation
  • Authentic services and also enticing offers & rewards for all.
Consumer Loyalty  Program

Consumer Loyalty  Program

This is a combination of anti-counterfeiting technology and a loyalty program that keeps customers for a long time. This solution enables customers to experience instant gratification through QR codes. As a result, sales will go up, data will be captured, and customers will be retained.

Behind any successful company, there is a loyal and faithful group of consumers who trust the services provided by the company. The company ensures total transparency from their end to their loyal consumer base making the bond stronger and stronger. Our company Authenticity + makes sure a loyal consumer base is always there behind our back to support us and we also make sure that it’s well maintained through time and space. There’s nothing more a company can ask for than a loyal and strong consumer base. However, the icing on top would be that our pristine clients will also have the opportunity to get their hands on numerous enticing offers and rewards, exclusively made out for them.


  • Brand and customer/user loyalty
  • Strong foundational attributes and easy authenticity verification
  • Hassle-free experience of goods and services
Track and Trace

Track and Trace

Our Solution provides end-to-end supply chain tracking capabilities. By leveraging the power of QR Code Technology, AutheticityPlus helps to keep track of products in supply chains. As a result, brands can boost sales and increase their revenues.

In this modern-day and age, we have all the information in the world in the palm of our hands at any given point in time. Thus the manufacturers selling products always want to be updated in real-time about the whereabouts of their products. Keeping the customers’ needs in mind, our company ensures real-time updated tracking and tracing facility of all our products and services to make sure the customers can access and enquire about their products at any given time from the palm of their hands.


  • Constant access to products and services
  • Tracking and Tracing
  • Real-time transparency and whereabouts of products & services
Digital Warranty Management

Digital Warranty Management

Authenticity Plus Digital Warranty is an all-in-one solution to validate warranties from beginning to end. This solution integrates the  IoT platforms with data-oriented models. Brands can use it to manage their warranties without having to worry about paperwork. In turn, this prevents brands from being ripped off by bogus warranty claims.

This new form of Digital Warranty ensures that our loyal customers have access to their warranty activation at their beck and call and are always connected with the manufacturer or the service provider. In this digital era, companies, as well as consumers, are shunning away from old norms of warranty management and adopting this new form of digital warranty to incorporate in their day-to-day lives and businesses.


  • All digitally accessible anywhere & anytime
  • More encrypted and secure than traditional peers
  • Brand and product security
Certificate Authentication Solutions

Certificate Authentication Solutions

Authenticity Plus tackles the menace of counterfeiting with our Smart security labels . It is arrangement of security features of Hologram Stickers with a unique QR or datamatrix code connected to each individual product, resulting in a unique digital identity for each of them. We design very effective brand protection solutions that will be tailored to traceability, consumer interaction, and Brand Protection Analytics platform.

We all know the importance of education and its significance in the work field and life in general. However, the sacred bond of education and its certificates has been disrupted by fake and counterfeit replicas and that is a major problem all around the world. To glue the sanctity back together AuthenticityPlus has introduced ways to distinguish between the fake and original and maintain the essence of valuable education altogether.

  • All digitally accessible anywhere & anytime
  • More encrypted and secure than traditional peers
  • Easy authenticity and verification
Benefits App
Benefits of App

Best Anti-Counterfeit Technology for Brand Owners

AuthenticityPlus's solutions enable packaging and labelling to be enhanced with layered and covert markings. We offer multiple layers of authentication protection and product identification on one single unit of the product. We design very effective brand protection solutions that will be tailored to our traceability, consumer interaction, and Brand Protection Analytics platform.

  • Easy Integration into Packaging

    Our expertise in bulk packaging and integrating new technologies into the production line, as well as our customized anti-counterfeit technology, allow us to offer a wide range of anti-counterfeit products tailored to the industry, company, and brand.

  • Multi layered

    Multi-layered authentication against counterfeit products, AuthenticityPlus incorporates arbitrary and unique randomized serial numbers with multiple overt and covert attributes, from holographic labels to a sophisticated digital authentication platform.

  • Tamper Evident

    The AuthecityPlus solution is tamper-proof, tamper-evident, and self-destructible. If a consumer suspects tampering, he/she can use the mobile app to verify the authenticity of the product.

  • Computer Algorithm

    AuthenticityPlus's solutions enable packaging and labelling to be enhanced with layered and covert markings We offer multiple layers of authentication protection and product identification on one single unit of the product. We use unique algorithms and other methods to ensure that a product cannot be duplicated.

  • Instants Alerts

    AuthenticityPlus is able to track counterfeiters in real-time and take corrective action through real-time product authentication, providing the company instant access to consumer verification activities. Many brands are already using AuthenticityPlus Technology to track counterfeiters and take corrective action against them.

  • Actionable Insights

    Through our application, we enable asset tracking, to help companies gain richer insights about their consumers, thereby helping the brand make better business decisions.  Our technology offers solutions aimed at utilizing consumer touch-points to build awareness about counterfeit products by running campaigns or sending notifications.

  • Multiple Platforms

    AuthenticityPlus also offers web-based verifications, white-labelled applications, as well as an SDK for companies that would like to make use of their own brand name for the app. The app can be downloaded from Play Store or App Store for free.

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