Digitally Connected Packaging Fights Counterfeiting and Engages Consumers

  • Authenticity Plus
  • August 18, 2021

Digitally Connected Packaging Fights Counterfeiting and Engages Consumers

Product counterfeiting and grey market trading are risks to effectively all brands, from the most well-known to the most recent. This menace is bold and daring in emerging countries, with outright fakes surfacing in the open market. The problem is just as inescapable in industrialised countries, thanks to online sales of counterfeit products through e-commerce platforms.

The negative significances of counterfeiting are self-evident, but there are two additional major issues that brand owners are concerned about today. One is the prerequisite to stay up with interactive packaging technology in order to engage consumers. Simultaneously, constantly increasing worldwide supply networks make it impossible to know where your items are and whether they are being promoted as intended.

The current developments in the field of linked packaging have the potential to address three product challenges protection, engagement, and traceability while also providing strong supply chain insight. Business owners can entice customers to double-check the authenticity of the product in exchange for something valuable.

Without revealing the nature of the security programme, this strategy can greatly expand the number of checks in the marketplace by leveraging a big consumer base. Consumers are motivated to participate in the programme since it provides them with a personal benefit while also assisting in the fight against counterfeiting.

Furthermore, client involvement provides the brand owner with valuable market intelligence. The aggregation of this information would offer brand owners with actionable insight, allowing them to detect counterfeit products in real time, uncover distribution flaws, and adjust protection efforts. All while cultivating brand loyalty.

  • The capacity to communicate with customers to deliver information or a reward.
  • Using packaging technology that cannot be copied or reverse-engineered by counterfeiters.
  • Using the reward-information gateway as a measure of brand protection.
  • And doing all of this (if possible) without modifying or adding anything to the package.

But how do you do it? Each printed barcode has its own unique QR Code, which is undetectable to the naked eye but detectable by a smartphone camera. This undetectable code is authenticated using a mobile app. It's also hard to duplicate—even if the package is flawlessly duplicated. It's also hard to duplicate even if the package is flawlessly duplicated. Because no two package will have the same code, this feature is used to identify each item. The interaction site is opened after a simple smartphone scan validates validity.

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